Monday, January 10, 2011

I am my own Grandma!

In the mid 80's I got a doll for Christmas and I still have her. J recently found her and now she is his "Baby". For a while he would just play with her at home, but recently he had to take "Baby" with him as we ran errands. That is right, on a recent Friday, had you been at Advanced Eye Care you would have seen J caring for his baby, that day she was swaddled in his blanket "Ditda". He even sleeps with the baby doll, and last night he slept better than he has in weeks, SO I am thinking that the doll has a calming influence on him.

Here is J and "Baby" dancing
J feeding "Baby"
My two sons, and my granddaughter. Baby B had been alone in the play gym and J put his baby down to play too. Then J decided that he needed to lay in-between the two babies. It was fun to watch.
This morning J was deep into his pretend play with his baby. When they woke up, his baby needed a bottle. I helped him get one. He sat next to me and fed his baby while I fed my baby B. Then he changed his babies diaper and put her down for a nap. A few minutes later he stood by the bedroom door and said "Oh! Baby Crying!" I told him it was okay, that he should let his baby cry for a little while and maybe she will go back to sleep. He said "Otay" and walked away from the door for about 15 seconds and then ran back saying "Baby Crying, Baby Up!". I helped him get his baby out of the crib-where he had placed her for her nap- and he continued to mother her. After her nap she played with toys, it was cute to see him take her from toy to toy in the play corner, her little fake doll hand being pushed around so that she could play with the toys. I felt pretty good watching him pretend. I felt good about my own mothering. After-all, I am sure he easily could have said "Baby want to watch Elmo?" or "No Baby, that's not for Baby" but he didn't he was a competent and loving parent, I hope he learned how to pretend to be competent from me.

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