Sunday, January 16, 2011

This weeks Happenings.

The Boys Grew up!
And they got glasses, big noses and facial hair!
Cousin A came to play. Here I am showing how I can care for 2 babies at once....well, you can kind of tell that Baby B is not really all that pleased that he is not the only baby being held by his Mommy, but he got over that, eventually.
Baby B may be 4 months younger than his Cousin A, but he is an inch or 2 taller AND has 5 pounds on her too. That's right, I make good linebackers, linebackers that may never ever, ever play football.
And, for the piece de resistance- I put Baby B down in the corner of the couch this morning so that I could finish getting ready for church, when I came back into the room I saw that J had joined his brother on the couch. Ken snapped this picture for me. Don't I have handsome boys? I love that their heads are together, it is like they are plotting how they will make their mother's day wonderful!

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Kristen said...

So cute! And I love your linebacker comment. I hear ya!