Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey Luck, I'm over here!

No here, over here, to the right.....wait.....oh well.

So a neighbor of ours won a phone, the exact phone that he wanted and had been dreaming about for months. He said that he is being blessed, his wife says he is lucky. I have been thinking about this and I agree with his wife. Blessings are different from luck.

I was chatting with my oldest sister this morning, and she told me about some decisions she had recently made. Finding herself at a crossroads, Single after 15 years of marriage, Working after 13 years of staying home with children (which now total 5), the whole world is ahead of her. There are so many possibilities out there, so where do you start. Well I think she did the right thing, she started by trying her best to tune into the is always good to have Heavenly Guidance. After looking at many options and asking for lots of guidance she realized that she had already been getting the guidance, the same guidance, from several sources. I won't tell you her plans, for those of you who know her, it will be much more fun for you to hear it from her, and her complete plans are not crucial to my thoughts about being blessed or lucky.

So, while we were chatting my sister told me that she is planning on selling her home. "Really. Now. Do you think that you will lose money? Or is that not even an issue?" She purchased the home in question a few years ago at what might have been considered the height of the home buying market. Home prices have fallen since she bought the home, there is no doubt about that. I was not too surprised when she said that No, she actually feels like they will be able to make a little money from the sale of the home, and even if they do lose money, compared to all that they were given (support, understanding, friendship and love) in the few short years that they lived there, she would still feel blessed.........and that is when I thought of it. Blessed or Lucky.

If we win great prizes, get the house we want for a ridiculously small price or sell our current home for a price so amazing that we can't even believe it, are we blessed? What does that say about our neighbors who have been trying to sell their home for 2 years, are they not living right? What does that say about me, I never win anything, have I gone down the wrong path in life? No, some people are lucky, hopefully at some point in all our lives we will be the lucky ones, but I am willing to bet that we all know someone who wins everything they put their name in for. On the flip side, I think it is perfectly reasonable to say that we are blessed if we do lose sometimes, even if our home sells for $30,000 less than what we had hoped for, even is we lose a car or a job and have to start all over again, because we can know we were where God wanted and intended us to be, and as such we were blessed. We can feel blessed even though the world might look at us and pity us. Thanks Big Sister for helping me to see this in action.

I still hope to be lucky, for example, I took a survey yesterday because it gave me the chance to win a $100 gift card (5 out of thousands of people will win, but hey, its a shot right), I also entered Ken and I into a sweepstakes for a new grill (because it was being given away by Sara Lee and I figured I could handle Sara Lee calling me). I don't think I will win, but hey you never know if you don't try.

I do know that my life will be blessed, because I am trying, trying to be where God would have me be and do what he would have me do, so come what may I will love it! (maybe not in the immediate moment of trial or lose but hopefully sometime soon there after).

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