Friday, June 5, 2009

All the Little Things

What a great day we have had. It only goes to show that you can have a good day when your house is messy. Sure we spent an hour outside the house, walking to the big park, touching every tree, blade of grass and speck of dirt along the way. At the big park we climbed lots of stairs, slid down lots of slides and walk across a wobbly bridge over and over and over again. After all that exercise I was surprised when Baby J started crying after only napping for 1 & 1/2 hours. I went in to get him and decided that I would just sit down and cuddle with him for as long as he was willing to cuddle. I was enjoying the quiet moment with my boy, smelling his hair, feeling his breathing, feeling like crying because he is such a good little boy and I love him so much. Then I realized that he had fallen back asleep- so there I sat, holding my baby for an hour. Joy! It was right about the time that I started to fall asleep that he woke up, Happy this time.

Then the phone rang, it was John from the Community Food Co-Op. I sent an email last week asking about my missing asparagus from May's order. I also mentioned the fact that my cucumbers had been missing in April and I was just wondering if it was a common thing, if there just wasn't enough asparagus to go around. I wasn't expecting a call, and even more, I wasn't expecting to be told that I would be receiving a credit (of $1.60) and that yes it is perfectly acceptable, and also expected, for me to check my food right there at the table and let them know if anything is missing. John thanked me for my participation in the Co-Op and told me they looked forward to receiving my next order. I thanked him too, but what I felt like saying was "Wow, You like me, You Really Like Me!" I felt like I had received an award, which I know, is weird because I didn't but, hey who am I to fight my feelings.

One more little thing, the one that has made me smile these past few days. As you may know from reading a previous post, my brain has gone AWOL. I believe it is because of the Worst PMS ever. I blame this on the fact that I stopped taking birth control this month (in the hopes that sometime within the next 2 years I might get pregnant again) and now my body doesn't know what it is supposed to be doing. I am now 1 1/2 weeks late. Now if you were me, earlier this week you would have thought "Oh My, I am Pregnant" and then after the pregnancy test was negative you would have wanted to cry. OK, if you were me you would have cried. And since I am me I have also done other things that I do, like ask Ken lots of questions that are really unanswerable. Questions like "Ken, why am I broken? Why is my body trying to drive me crazy? It is my body that drove my mind away, isn't it? Stupid Body! Why?" Poor Ken, he deserve an award, or a present, or some new DVDs.

So, back to the one more little thing, back at the end of April when I was thinking about all the possible dates that our next baby could be born- I realized that there was pretty much no way that we would be able to have a baby on the March 21st, thus filling in the gap in our birthdays (3/19, 3/20 and 3/22). To get that Birthday our baby would either have to come two weeks early or two weeks late. Well, after the negative pregnancy test, I was playing around with a Due Date and Ovulation Calculator online and I suddenly remembered that I had done this all before, I had been mad at my body for not being normal, I had 30, 32, 34 and 36 day cycles that got me really excited (because if your period is late it can only mean on thing, right?) and then crushed me to the depths because eventually it came, (late, but still coming to visit- not a good guest!) So, when I realized that 35 days was pretty normal for me and then remembered that I could adjust the length of the cycle on the due date calculator I gave it a try, guessing on the LMP of course- and the very first one I tried gave me a due date of 3/21/2010! Wouldn't that be pretty cool, that would be fate! If it works out that way we know that we should try to have all our children in the 3rd week of March! Guinness World Record Here We Come! So that made me smile, and has continued to make me smile each time I think about it. And after all, in my opinion, right now, it is better to smile than cry.

So those are my little things, I guess they could be called Tender Mercies. All in all, right now, I feel pretty loved, I feel cared for, I feel like everything will work out the way God intends it too.

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