Thursday, June 25, 2009

Always Learning

So, I had some frustrating moments today, some of them brought on by my own actions, others brought on by the meanness of others. I had some ice cream. Ken was also a big help, in fact when I got home from work I completely forgot my frustrations for awhile because I was so glad to see him. And then I started thinking about blog posts and I decided that the world is full of stories of frustration, I want to share some sweetness.

So here it is....a few pictures from 24 hours in the life of Baby J. He is always learning, and these first pictures are of how he climbs the ladder into his loft and what we discovered can happen when he climbs the ladder....(see how happy he is!)
Now, climbing must be great exercise....lots of movement involved, because after the climbing to and playing in the loft was over, we discovered this. Yes, he somehow wiggled out of his diaper, and then the diaper slid down his leg and off his foot, Baby J found nothing wrong with this, in fact he was kind of offended when we put a new diaper on him.
Ken's brother writes books. I am currently reading "The Wretched of Muirwood" it is very good, but it is electronic and so I am glued to the computer while reading it and my boys get bored. "I have an idea Dada, lets play some Ken Griffey Jr baseball!" Baby J Said as he grabbed his Super Nintendo Controller.
Then he found his dad and sat down to play.............
and then he got mad at mom who was blocking the TV/game, silly mommy.

The next morning Baby J was still very playful, one of his favorite activities is "Destroy Mr Potato Head" and on this day (Wednesday) he decided that he wanted to take the "Taters of the Lost Ark" potato head apart- (it looks like Indiana Jones and has a Fedora that plays the theme song)
This is what happened after he was done. Always learning, always laughing. He is one great Kid and he kind of looks like Indiana, doesn't he?

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ShayLynn said...

I am sorry about your frustrating day... just know we all have them (more than I would like). Good thing we have kids who make us laugh and help us try to forget about all the hard times we have! :)