Monday, June 15, 2009

Greener Pastures

An Update on the Green Bags.

The food went into the Green Bags on Wednesday. The bags need to stay free of moisture, and 75% of the fruit and produce had created plenty of moisture by Thursday morning. So I wiped out the moisture and added a paper towel to each bag. Then on Thursday afternoon I went out of town. Upon returning on Saturday I found that one of my Tomatoes and a few Strawberries that were not in the bags, had started to spoil. The Strawberries and Tomatoes in the bags were still fine.

Now my observation on the Strawberries is this- the Strawberries in the bag had been washed and a few questionable strawberries had been denied entrance to the bag, where as the strawberries in their original container had not had any of those luxuries, I am making an assumption that if I had washed and sorted those strawberries I could have tossed the ones that were going to quickly go bad, thus extending the life of the others. I will test this assumption with this weeks strawberries.

My Thoughts on the Tomatoes is slightly different, the tomatoes in the bag were much firmer than the tomatoes on the counter, this is good. I found the same thing with my Bell Peppers and Cucumbers, none of these had spoiled, the non-bagged peppers and cucumbers looked older than the bagged items.

Now, I opened up my bag full of oranges yesterday and found that one of them had spoiled- right there in the bag! This morning I noticed the the orange on the counter was also spoiled, though I am pretty sure that is was a day or two behind the bagged oranges. If the oranges behave the same way next week I will let you know.

Now for the weirdest result yet. The bananas in the bag looked great, but the fruit, inside the good looking bananas, looked and tasted bruised. The bruising was totally weird because there was no visible bruising on the outside. So once again, we will have to see what happens to this weeks bananas, if they too look great and taste awful, I will let you know.


Jodi said...

Did you have any of those fruits close to apples? Apples naturally produce a type of gas as they age that can cause any other produce close to them to do the same. Keep your apples away from other fruits that you don't want ripening quickly. Although, if you buy a hard avocado and want it softened quickly, put it with your apples on the counter. I've done this and in just a couple of days the avocado was ready.

Also, tomatoes loose their flavor when kept in the fridge. They ripen faster on the counter, but maintain a great flavor. I've also done this experiment. (Just keep them away from the apples, we keep our apples away from all of our other fruits.)

AZSMITHS said...

My mom used the green bags before and found the same thing with the bananas. She said that they looked great, but tasted old and ripened. Maybe you can compare data with her! :)