Monday, June 22, 2009

15 Months!!!

It is hard to believe that it has been 15 months since our little buddy was born. It feels longer..... or at least he seems bigger than all the other 15,16,17 and 18 month old kids in the neighborhood and so he must be older right. Well truth is we live near lots of petite people and we are not petite so our Average boy seems huge!OK so the Camera Angle doesn't show it. But there are times when he looks like an NBA All Star (even with Turner Short Leg Syndrome).
Weight- 24 # 14 oz - 56%tile
Height- 32 & 1/2 inches- 87%tile (OK so a little taller than average)
Head- 18 & 1/2 inches- 45%tile
What does he like to do?
Play. Play in the water (as you can see any body of water must be investigated), play at the park, play with big kids, play with small kids. Talk. Talk to his food, talk to his blankey, talk to plants, animals, rocks and dirt. He also likes to talk to kids- like they are going to understand him even, who knows maybe they do. He says Hi, Dada and Baba. He is close to saying Mama, Shoes and Thank You (I think). Walk, or should I say run. Climb. Climb on everything, including the ladder to his loft, which he can now climb into all by himself (don't worry we watch and climb right behind him, and we are getting better at keeping
him away from the ladder when we are not watching). Sit. It is pretty cute, he sees something that looks like he could sit on- a plant potholder, a window sill that happens to be next to the table he climbed onto, a box, or steps- he will get in front of the item, turn around and then slowly back up until he hits it, then he will sit, smile and clap!

And finally, EAT! but the eating must be on his own terms. Do not go near him with a spoon, unless you are eating with the spoon and then he wants some, but if the spoon is a brightly colored kid spoon, nope, he doesn't want anything to do with it? On the other hand he loves to fling food around with the spoons that he demands to hold. Favorite foods change from day to day. Two weeks ago he was on a Banana Binge, at 1 point eating 3 within an hour, he must hold the banana, it must still have the peel, (he would allow me to help him peel it down farther when he is ready but as you can see from this picture, even that has changed, apparently eating bananas, peel and all, from the bottom up is the fun thing to do.)

And last but not least- he is getting some more teeth, I Teeth. So someday soon he will have 10! (total, not 10 I Teeth)

The Doctor said he is perfect and I tend to agree.


Christy said...

Whoa, time has gone by fast! I can't believe he is almost ready for nursery!

The Shumways said...

15 MONTHS!!! WOW! These kids grow up so quickly. He is SOOO cute, by the way. Fanny's crush on him increases every time she sees new pictures of him on your blog!

angee said...

Too cute!! He is getting so big! I can't believe it's been 15 months already!

(and petiteness--my Karlee just had her 2 year exam; she came in at a whopping 21.2 pounds!)