Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where have all the Flowers gone?

Under the Snow! Tell me, does this look like spring to you?

This is the view out my kitchen window, sure it is only 2-3 inches, but the 3 beautiful crocuses that finally bloomed in my pots out front are now covered with snow. I think winter hates me!

So we have to stay inside (I guess we could go out into the snow, but I just don't like snow too much today, since it is trying to kill my flowers). Luckily, I bought some diapers from and they came yesterday in a GIGANTIC box.

And everyone knows that GIGANTIC boxes are the best forts. This fort just happens to be super absorbent as well.

See the happiness! Take That Snow! HA! (Speaking of Happiness, I got the same amount of diapers I usually get at our local Costco, for 2/3 the price and free shipping!)

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