Monday, April 20, 2009

He learned it from watching me....

I have been a little worried about my parenting skills over the past few days. You see, my son has started to do things that make me realize some things about myself, because after all, he had to have learned it from watching me.

#1- He uses the computer every chance he gets, which means if I leave the room, he climbs on to the chair and them up onto the desk. I am amazed at how many programs he can open. He is an Evil Baby Genius and I love him, but does this mean that I spend too much time on the computer?

#2 This one surprised me, I don't talk on the phone very much, we maybe get 1-2 phone calls a day. The baby has been intrigued by the sound the phone makes when you press the buttons but yesterday he started putting the phone to his ear and jibber jabbering as he walked around.#3 This one is most definitely my fault. I believe I have spoken about how I keep the TV on, much of the time just to provide background noise, well since I have some new music I have turned of the TV a little more and put music on to provide the needed background noise.
The baby quickly discovered that he could turn the TV on himself, so if it is off, he will turn it on, and then if it is on, he will turn it off. On, Off, On, Off, On, Off, he loves it. But I feel bad that I have trained him to love the TV at such a young age. Now, After all that, some good things that my son had learned from me.
#4 He loves books and recently I have found him sitting by himself, with a book, turning pages and pointed at things on the page. That is how I read, you know the stories get boring after a while, so I turn pages and point at the pictures and say their names. My heart melted when I saw him pointing at everything on the page before he turned to the next one. In fact he is doing this right now! Oh, I am not too horrible of a mother, am I!
#5- I think my mothering skills can also be redeemed because my boy is so loving, OK so maybe it doesn't have much to do with me, maybe he is just loving but I like to think that he loves me because I am a good mommy. This picture is from this last weekend. He was, as usual, climbing the walls, but then he climbed up on the couch and climbed up on to me- I was prepared for him to use me as a ladder to get to the pictures on the wall, but no.....he found a nice place to cuddle and stayed there for 10 to 15 minutes!!!! Such a sweet boy!

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krisha said...

I like how in almost all the pics he is his pj's. My boys hate getting dressed which I believe they have learned from me:)