Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Music- new to my collection at least

I love music, I used to buy Cd's all the time, but that kind of stopped when I got married, I am not sure why, weird how that happened. But anyway, Ken knows that I love music and he was sweet enough to get me an iTunes gift card for Christmas. As I had fallen out of the habit of purchasing music I hadn't used it yet, and then my Sister A reminded me about a great song, and so I decided I would buy it, and a U2 song I have been wishing I had, and a few more. Here they are.....

.....What do you think? I like them. Very happy with my purchases, but now I think I am addicted to the iStore, must get more iMoney.......hmmm, I wonder where iMoney comes from.

1 comment:

JAG said...

Those are some great songs. Thanks for posting them.