Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something Wondra-ful

In October of 1998 I met the Wondra's and for the next year of my life they watched over me. He was my Mission President, in fact to quote him, he was the first and the last Mission President of the Austria Vienna South Mission. (Does anyone remember that zone conference?) He was telling the truth too, because the mission (under that name) was created when he became the President, and when he was released they renamed the mission- Slovenia Ljubljana Mission. I think it is currently called the Croatia Zagreb Mission. The name changes a lot, but the people and the countries- Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, stay the same.
Here is Ken, the baby and me with the Wondra's. After being released from his mission, President Wondra was immediately called to be an Area Authority Seventy. That was October of 1999. Usually people have that calling for 5-7 years. I am so happy that he has not yet been released because that means he will come Visit us here in America once a year.

In celebration of their visit, the Baby thought he might do a little table dancing! He is a very good dancer. You can see Sister D there on the right, we love her lots too.

I learned a lot from the Wondra's in my time with them. Basically, Love the Lord with all your heart, Trust in him, Follow him. Believe that he is the Son of God and your Redeemer. Seek Him all your days.

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