Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eggs are filled with CANDY?!!!!?

Hi, It's Me, Baby J! I wanted to tell you about eggs. You see I went to My Grandma T's house on Sunday and I discovered that her backyard is filled with Magical Eggs! I didn't understand at first, Mommy and Daddy helped me find a small clump of grass that had an egg in it, they told me to pick it up, but I wouldn't and so they put it in my hand, I shook it and discovered that it made a great rattle. Happy with my new rattle, I sat down, Magical Eggs kept appearing in the pot next to me

I collected them all and put them into my Elmo head basket.

One of the eggs broke open and I discovered the source of the Rattling.....CANDY!!!!!! My Mommy let me eat two pieces! She is such a nice Mommy, I rewarded her for her kindness by not taking my nap, you know, so she could spend more time with me.......she loves it when I spend time with her.
Grandma made us all go out onto the grass, I like grass, after all, grass is where you find magical eggs filled with candy...... Oh, I wonder if this brown thing on the ground is candy......

Here is a picture of Grandma T's Grand Baby Brood. T is the oldest and the tallest, he is 13, then there is C-11, S-6, E-8, Q-5, Ch-4, E-3, P-2 and me., I am 1!


Kristen said...

I LOOOOOOVE Easter. The religious side especially, but also the springy side. Eggs and chicks do represent new life after all, and what better way to celebrate than with candy?

Nicole just about drove me crazy with her hidden candy-in-the-egg. She wanted me to keep putting the jelly beans back in so she could open it again... and repeat the process. Finally I MADE her eat all of them. =o)

angee said...

Okay, that was too CUTE!!! Love it when you do it from his perspective! Aren't holidays so much better now that you're a mom?! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the MAGIC is so ALIVE! There's nothing better in this world!