Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Other Peoples Toys, take 2.

Hi, It's me, Baby J! I don't know if you noticed but I was gone for a couple of days. My Mommy and Daddy took me to Cache Valley to visit Uncle Paul and Aunt Diane. I really liked visiting them because they have lots of toys for me to play with, for example this wonderful toy right behind me, isn't it AMAZING!

It took me a while to figure out how to play with this toy. I thought about climbing through here....

I guess I must have looked a little confused because Uncle Paul came to my rescue. He put me up on the bench and pressed a button that made some pretty lights come on. I immediately started pounding on the toy and BEAUTIFUL sounds came out. Mommy clapped and cheered for me, so it must have sounded good to her too.

Uncle Paul collects toys from all over the world. I don't know if he knows this, but I discovered that all of his toys can be used to make loud loud noises, especially if you hit them! This is me with a small hitting toy. It was pretty easy to figure out how to play this one.

I got to hit this toy with a stick. Really! They gave me a stick and when I sucked on the stick they took it away and told me that it was for hitting the toy with, then they showed me that it made a loud noise, I liked that, so I started to hit the toy with it too.

This one was as big as me, but I was still able to play with it. Sometimes I just petted it because it felt hairy like a doggy and I like doggies.

I was happy to see a toy that I already knew how to play with, and so I put on a show. I didn't think anything could sound better than my piano at home, but this toy sure did.

I decided that I like visiting Uncle Paul and Aunt Diane. I think next time I will ask to play the didgeridoo.

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Kim said...

Kate, I loved the pictures of little Jared. Your comments are so funny. I hope your are finding a way of printing these. He will love to look through them when he is older. You are very creative.