Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love Ken Wheeler

He swooped into my life in 2002 and within a few months he was my best friend. I liked him, but he didn't like me- that way. So friends we were and friends we stayed, for years. Eventually Ken found love and my heart broke.

I prayed that God would bless me with the ability to be happy for my friend. I prayed that he would make it so I didn't like him any more, so that my heart would stop hurting. I cried and cried and then I slept. When I woke up, my heart didn't hurt, but I still liked Ken Wheeler. I was confused, but went on with life.

Months later I would find that God had always inteded me to like, and to love, Ken Wheeler.

And I really, really, really do love him so much, see here is a picture of me sneaking up behind him.

It takes an amazing man, full of patience and goodness, to love a woman as silly as me. Ken knows how to love me!

Happy Anniversary, My Sweet Love!

I love you.


Ken said...

It's not hard to love Kate at all, especially since she's my best friend, my Queenie Kate.

angee said...

Cute!! What a fun story, and a great picture!!

Janaca said...

Happy Anniversary! That's a sweet story of how you guys got together.

The Shumways said...

I LOVE it!! You and Ken are SOOO great. I'm glad things worked out and that Ken realized that marrying his best friend is the BEST =). We miss you all tons, by the way. I think Fanny wants to see Jared again, she is always staring at his pictures on your blog when I'm looking at it. Oh, and I love that you are in the background of the picture with Ken, I didn't notice until I read the post. So cute!!

Michelle said...

That is a sweet story of true love! (Ken, what took you so long??) You are perfectly wonderful couple!!

Happy anniversary. :)