Friday, February 20, 2009


The Baby- All the labs are in and all the doctors have been visited. It was Unanimous that Baby J is cute-(handsome, gorgeous, and sweet were also words used to describe him as he and his doctors became reacquainted). We also know now that the baby has Von Willebrand's Disease, which basically means that his blood doesn't clot well because he has less Von Willebrand Factor than he should have. He has a very mild case and the Hematologists do not foresee him having any future problems as long as certain precautions are taken prior to surgeries or major dental work. It is genetic and so I am planning on getting tested as well. The doctors told us that for children, not much us done, but adult females with the disease are often treated with medications that can help prevent heavy monthly bleeding caused by the disease. Amazing! We are glad to know what caused his bleeding earlier this month, and we are very glad to know that it can be prevented in the future. If any of our future children need surgery- we will get them tested for Von Willebrand's prior to it so that we can make sure we don't have to make any more manic trips to the ER in the middle of the night. Thank Goodness for Modern Medicine.

Kate - So back in October I told you about how and why I was going to lose weight and how I was going to reward myself when I did lose. Well by January- I hadn't lost anything and so I decided to try the Kirkland Weight Loss Shakes to my regime- as well as using the Couch Potato to 5K Running Plan. It worked. I lost 7 pounds in January. By the first week of February I had lost a total of 10 pounds. I haven't been good at running the past two weeks- it has been hard to get back in the habit with all that was going on in our family. I have been trying to eat well, and get some form of exercise in, but I have no idea if I am still losing because my scale broke- I guess that could be a good thing. So, All in All, I am pretty happy with my progress this year. 10 pounds down- 30 to go!

Ken- Ken is pretty much back to normal, the sores are almost gone. A week or so ago we got the results back from the culture taken by the doctor. They were Negative. So we don't really know what he had. On Saturday I am going to give Ken his Monthly haircut and then he is going to shave, It will be fun to have my husband back, although the bearded man I have been living with the past few weeks is pretty cute.

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