Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Family Room

Here are pictures of some the furniture I want to buy.
1st- the red chair, I want two of them. I sat in the chair several times, it is a small chair, but it is comfortable, and small means easy to move- right? Also, if in the future we decide that Red is too much, there are plenty of slipcovers available.

This is the rocking chair that I liked, I wanted a black frame with black cushions.
The first thing I did, when I found the chair at the store, was
make sure it rocked well. Well, when I just rocked it back and
forth with my hand it rocked fine, when I sat in it, it didn't seem to want to rock at all. So I decided against it.
So, as I was wandering Ikea I saw this chair, black frame and cushions and it has a foot stool, all for $20 less than the rocker. I sat in it and found it to be quite comfortable. I have a friend in the neighborhood who has had one of these chairs for a couple of years
and so I asked her if she still liked it, and she does. So it is now on the list of furniture I want- replacing the non rocking rocker.
When I was showing Ken the Ikea site and the chairs that I liked he asked if there were any love seats, and we found this one. It is from the same line as the Rocker, and comes with black cushions, (white just doesn't seem
like a good idea for a home with a small child, and this black and white pattern just isn't us). I sat in it and it too is pretty
comfortable, plus the cushion covers are washable.

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Hiccup MeL said...

I love IKEA and I love the reds and blacks you're looking at. Super cute!! Do it!!