Monday, February 9, 2009

And so it goes......

For the past few days I have felt down at times, I felt a little like I had post traumatic stress disorder, I would feel fine and then I would cry, I wouldn't want to speak to anyone and then I was desperate to speak to anyone. (I even talked to a telemarketer because he seemed nice.) I have started to feel better today, the gigantic amount of unknown items looming out there doesn't seem to scare me as much as it did a few days ago. But what does bother me is how quickly things change. Just when I get used to dealing with certain parts of our current situation, it changes.

Ken got sent home from work today, I was OK with that, he has the ability to work from home and maybe he would take things a little easier if he was at home. He was told he could return to work when he got a Doctors note. Well we called to find out what the cultures had grown. Surprise- the cultures were negative. Ken asked what negative meant, he had been tested for strep as well as staph, the doctor was pretty sure it was staph. The person relaying the results said they didn't know, the message they were given was just to say that the cultures were negative. (My question is- so what is causing the multiple sores, or dare I say Lesions, on my husbands face). A Doctor's not was faxed to Ken's office and I am 90% sure that he will go into work tomorrow. If I had been sent home and told to come back when the doctor said I could come back I would have tried my hardest to squeeze a few days off work out of that doctor!

So now, we wait and see if he gets better- if we don't see improvement in the next couple of days, we march back into the doctors office and demand more testing or better drugs. Ha, I can not see Ken or I demanding that, we would quietly ask for it with shy little smiles and hope against hope that we are not ignored.

Speaking of Doctors. I took the baby to his Pediatrician today to get some labs drawn. Our Pediatrician had just read the hospital reports and was amazed by what had happened to us. He was also quite perplexed. He wasn't sure that Von Willebrands was going to come up positive. He also thought that it was too early to run more tests. He gave the baby a physical, he is doing well other than a slight heart murmur- which can be attributed to the Anemia and which he will follow over the next few visits. He also recommended a second supplement of Iron on top of the Multi-Vitamin with Iron that I started giving the Baby on Friday. Hopefully once baby has a normal Iron level and the Anemia is under control the Heart Murmur will go away, until then I have one more thing to wonder and worry about- nothing new really, I am getting pretty good at collecting things to worry about.

We left the Pediatricians office with a Lab Request for 4 maybe 5 tests (it is kind of funny how each doctor adds more tests, but it makes me feel good that they are really trying to figure out what happened), I am going up to LDS Hospital to have lunch with a friend this week and then the Baby and I will head back over to Primary Children's to have the labs drawn. Then we start the next waiting game, some of the labs will take 3 or more days to get final results.

And so it goes, and so it goes......

While we wait, the baby is up to his old tricks, and some new ones. I gave him a new nickname today. Mister Mischievous.
This is yesterday, when he found a nice place to sit, some fun computer cords to pull on, and an old cell phone to suck on.

I had to take one more picture before I took the phone away, he was just too cute.

This morning, after I had repacked the diaper bag, it got unpacked

Luckily the formula container was empty- he prefers the powder lately to the bottle itself.
And Finally, he discovered that his favorite place to sit and pull on cords had been blocked, He used all his mischievous powers to attempt a header into the 8"x 8" spot that was still open. When he heard the camera chime he stopped and tried to pretend that there was nothing silly going on.

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angee said...

I haven't been able to get you guys off my mind!!! Know that we're praying for you (as well as many others). We love you!!