Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smell Therapy

Spring needs to come- and it needs to come soon! Until then I will continue my Smell Therapy.
I love Flowers, I love how they smell, I love Lilacs- and I am the proud owner of two of them, When they bloom it is hard for me not to cut all the blooms of the tree and bring them inside. When I served my mission I bought some lilac scented perfume- I didn't know if they had lilacs in Croatia or not, but I knew I needed to smell them, at least few times in the 16+ months I would be there. I am smelling them right now!!! And I love it- Smell Therapy is the BEST!

I am so glad that I hosted a Scentsy Open House last fall, because as I was moping around my house this morning, lamenting the soggy, flowerless world I currently live in, I remembered "I have Springtime Scents, just waiting to be warmed!". The baby (who has earned himself the nickname "Mr. Cranky Pants" this morning) and I ran (and/or crawled quickly) to my secret scent hiding spot (a bag on the floor of my bedroom) and smelled a few of the scents until we found the perfect one-Lilacs & Violets! Just one little square puts out enough spectacular scent to fill the main level of my home. Soon, the baby was ready for a nap and I started on my second load of dishes, (I know two loads and it had only been a day since I did dishes- I don't know what happened). I quickly realized that I was humming a happy little working song and bouncing along joyfully as I did the dishes and thought about all the work I was going to be able to get done. I love Smell Therapy- It has saved my Sanity!!!! (OK, so this picture does make me look like I am slightly insane- but maybe there is a little insanity mingled with every ones happiness.... maybe. And why is my face so red- I must be burning calories while I sing my happy working song! That makes me even Happier, can the day get any better? Can it? Really?)

So, if you, like me, have not been having the happiest of days as you wait for spring to come, I encourage you to try smell therapy- Candles, Scentsy Warmers, anything will work!

If you want to try Scentsy and don't know where to start- you could start here- She is my sister and she is very nice, lives pretty close to lots of you and keeps some items on hand for people who are having scent emergencies.

or here (this one has a list of the items that are on sale and will soon be discontinued

And if you don't have a lot of money right now- host a party- seriously- the hostess gifts are the best I have ever seen (and I have hosted several different types of parties), I got $60 worth of free items- without even buying anything, that would be enough to fill your home with sweet sweet Smell Therapy for every season of the year!!!

If you need proof- come over to my house and see how long it is before you are happy!

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Christy said...

Sometimes we all need a little therapy....Clean House (not the t.v. show) is my favorite therapy, but I have to actually clean my house for it to work. Maybe smell therapy will help!