Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, Billy Joel, you're on my mind

And so it goes, that is what I named the previous post, and this is why. I have been singing this song to myself lately. It is a beautiful song, a message that is understood and felt by, dare I say, all of us, because all of us have felt love at some point in our lives, I hope.

Ken, is truly the only one of you who gets my whole heart to break, I guess the baby gets a good majority of it. Life, and all that comes along with living, seems to be trying to break it too. I think that friends get a special room in my heart all to themselves, after all, friends get a different type of love. It is interesting for me to think about how blogging allows me to open that friend room in my heart, and talk about things, that I actually have a hard time talking about. (I tend to cry when certain doors are opened) And so, it is kind of like Therapy, this blog, good cheap therapy. It is good thing for my soul and my budget. Thanks for being my sounding board.

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Christy said...

It's so much easier to type things out...from the comfort and privacy of your own house...even though the whole world can read what you type. It's easier sometimes not really knowing how people will react to what you write, and it is especially easier when you don't have to see them cry too.