Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines

Last Year Ken and I realized that we have differing childhood experiences with holidays- so in order to avoid holiday confusion we decided that we would sit down together and create our own Holiday traditions. It was fun to do- I don't remember if I told you about it at the time, but I will now. We sat down on Monday night and discussed what we would do/what the expectations would be for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's and Father's Days and Valentine's Day. For days where gifts would be expected- spending limits were set that were reasonable to both of us. I still think that this was a great thing to do, I think Ken does too because as Valentines neared, he asked me to help him find the "Family Traditions" document that I had typed up, so that he could make sure that we didn't miss anything. This is what the document says for Valentine's Day-

"Valentine’s Day- February 14th

  • Dad shall treat Mom to a “Chick Flick” (DVD or Theater) and a Special Dinner."

I picked a movie- "Last Chance Harvey" and a Restaurant- Red Lobster (we have coupons and a gift card), we were going to go on Thursday which was Ken's day off, we even had a babysitter we could use.......then Ken got sick. He hasn't felt up for going out much the past couple of weeks, and he went from working 4, 10 hour days, to 5, 8 hour days, No more day off, Tired at the end of the day, Plans change.

So I, reading the family tradition, realized that it didn't say anything about Mom not making a Special dinner and so I did. Last night we had a fabulous Valentines Celebration. Ham (purchased after Christmas and stored in the freezer), Potato Fans, Yellow Squash and Green Beans. We even had Sparkling Peach juice and we used the beautiful campaign glasses we got for our wedding. The house was messy- it has been the past couple of weeks. The Kitchen was a Disaster (I made Valentine Treats for Ken's work and hadn't cleaned up my mess yet) and so I made a nice little table in the front room, the TV was turned off, the baby was put to bed, and we had a wonderful and may I say Yummy (Ken even ate some of the Vegetables) dinner. Then we watched "You've Got Mail" I cried a little when she said "I wanted it to be you" (I think that is what she said) I thought about my sweet husband and how glad I am that he is my sweet husband and best friend. Ken slept on and off through the movie.....but that was fine with me, it was Friday after all, and that is what he has done every Friday from the beginning of our romantic relationship.

This morning, Ken took care of the baby so that I could sleep in, then he loaded the dishwasher (that is my most unfavorite part of doing the dishes) and now he is watching "First Blood" a very unromantic movie about Rambo- in fact it is the first Rambo (don't worry it was Tivo'd and is edited)

So that is my Valentine story. It has been a good day. Check back in early next week for more updates about Baby J, Ken and Me- more specifically-

Lab results, The Amazing Disappearing Sores (maybe I will get to Kiss my Husband in February!), The Working Mother and what she plans to do with her Money (I hope to soon be a Hundredaire!) and how the Exercise and Weight loss is going (my scale broke- is that a bad thing?)

Happy Valentine's


angee said...

So romantic! Ken is so lucky to have you!!

AZSMITHS said...

It sounds like you had a great Valentines Day! It's so fun just to be together!