Saturday, February 28, 2009

Take Luck!

Brian Regan, I like him, he tells the truth.

Yesterday I asked Ken if he knew where my luck had gone. He didn't, but he did tell me to Take Luck! Takeeeeeeee Luck. And I thought- I didn't take care of the luck that I had! That was my whole problem, I didn't take luck! It made me smile on a day that I would have much rather hidden under a blanket in the deep dark recesses of my basement.

This is how our month went-
the first week- The baby was in the hospital because of massive blood loss. Ken had dozens of sores on his lips, chin and neck, the Doctor thought it was a Staph Infection.
the second week- The baby had a 104 fever and an ear infection. Ken found out he didn't have Staph but still had the sores. Kate got no sleep on Saturday night, but had plenty of cuddle time with a very sweet, very feverish baby.
the third week- The baby got the Flu, Vomiting and all the other good stinky stuff that goes along with that, the doctor said that he may have these symptoms for two weeks! Ken got to shave for the first time in 3 weeks!
the fourth week- On Thursday night the baby had yet another 102+ fever. Kate only slept for 4 hours that night and when the baby woke up, he still had a fever and he had discovered that he could scream, loud ear piercingly high screams. The doctor said his ears were fine, but his throat was red and looked quite painful- still it was most likely a virus, we should expect a cough to come in the next 3 or 4 days and the cough would last for at least a week............

Wait, yesterday was February 27th.....February is almost over- in just a few hours it will be March. I had high hopes for March after all, lots and lots of people I love were born in March. Spring starts in March! I was hoping that all viruses and weird unexplained illnesses would magically disappear in March. But now I am being told that all the stupid viruses don't care about my timetable? They don't care what I want? February and all of the Health Fun we have had want to hang on to me, dig their little claws into me. It is quite depressing. I didn't take care of the luck that I had. I didn't take luck!

Oh Well. I guess I can give viruses and illnesses another week of my life, I can cuddle my baby and Ken can take care of me when it all becomes too much. In the mean time, How about some more Brian Regan....(this one is a Harry Potter Mix)

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angee said...

Rough times! Here's to a better later half of the month, sunshine, health, and laughter!!