Monday, February 16, 2009

104.2-"The Fever" Broadcasting out of Lehi!

OK, so 104.2 the Fever isn't a new Radio Station- although it would be a great name- it is the highest fever the baby has ever had, and it happened Saturday Night. I guess I could have also called the post- Saturday Night Fever.... Oh Well. So, do you think this baby looks like he has an Ear infection? The Fevers, the Clingy-ness, the Doctor- they don't lie, it is his third official ear infection.

So Saturday and Sunday he bounced back and forth between 103 and 104, today when he woke up (after sleeping from 10-7) his temp was 100.4- it has gone up a degree or more since then, but I think he is starting to act like himself again- as the picture above proves, I hope.

But enough about that- I want to tell you about the Baby's new skill. That would be using the Sign for "Milk". The first time he did the sign- that I noticed- was in the Hospital a week and a half ago. And he continues to use it more and more each day. Last week, he cut way back on his bottles, he was refusing them- it has gotten to the point that I only offer him a bottle when he asks for it, he hasn't yet used the sign for "Food" so whenever he is acting hungry, I ask him if he want milk, if he doesn't give me the sign, I make him some solid food to eat. It is amazing to be able to communicate with him.

I am also starting to understand his other hungry signs- or I guess the ways he tells me he his hungry before resorting to actually whining, crying or signing. Yesterday morning the baby took a very very short nap. I normally offer him food after naps, but he had just eaten an hour before and I figured he would tell me when he was hungry, so I let him play while I rested on the couch. About 2 hours later baby smiled at me as he crawled past, he crawled right up to the gate separating our front room from our kitchen and sat there. I thought it was kind of odd, there were no toys there- I wasn't in the kitchen, he knew where I was, so why was he sitting by the gate?

After sitting there patiently for a few minutes, he started to jabber, a slightly impatient jabber. He crawled over to me (I was still resting on the couch) and started to pat my arm, then my chest, then he started to pull on my clothes. "What is wrong?" I asked him. "Grrrba" was the impatient reply. "Are you hungry? Do you want some milk? (signed Milk)" "Ma Baba, Ma Baba" he yelled, his hand quickly making the sign. So I jumped up and made him a bottle.

We hear "Da da da da" a lot, and sometimes we have even heard "Dadee" but we were never quite sure if he was intending to say Daddy or not. But now, I am convinced that "Ma Baba" means "My Bottle!" or if I were to insert a few more words to emphasise the true meaning "Give me My Bottle!!!! Give me My Bottle NOW". I also think that sitting next the the gate, starring at the kitchen means "I am hungry".

I am really excited to understand what he is trying to tell me---- oh yeah, he has got the head shake for "No" down too. If he doesn't want food and we keep offering it to him, he purses his little lips and shakes that head- it is pretty darn cute. I am going to try to get some Video of these new skills/talents, and when I do, I will post it for you.

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Christy said...

It is really cute when he shakes his head no, but then...everything he does in pretty cute.