Monday, December 22, 2008

The Sweet Swap-2008

We live in a very friendly neighborhood, and as such we have been given lots of treats this season. I don't want to eat them all, for two reasons- 1. If I ate them all I would gain 15 pounds and 2. Some of them are not my favorites. But I also don't want to waste them and so this year I am going to try something new- a Sweet Swap!

We have invited a small group of friends over after dinner on the 26th. The plan is for us all to bring treats that we have received and want to share, i.e. we can keep the treats that they want to keep all for themselves because they are so amazingly yummy, but bring the items they think others might enjoy more than we do. Once together, we mingle, enjoy other peoples treats, have some Hot Cocoa, maybe play some games, but mostly enjoy the company of good friends.

Now I have already royally messed up with the preparations for the inaugural sweet swap, I invited a couple through the Husband and the message didn't get to the wife, and Ken invited some friends and I am not sure the whole premise of the party was communicated to everyone. And as 2 of the 3 couples invited to the 2008 Wheeler Sweet Swap are regular readers I figured I would explain more on the blog. So to those people- Does this make more sense, we are not having leftover Christmas Dinner, just leftover Christmas Treats + Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream? I am super excited for the Hot Chocolate- which by the way is actually a gift from a neighbor- they gave us a huge bag of Lehi Roller Mills Hot Chocolate!

Those of you who might be interested in participating in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Sweet Swap can make yourselves known now. Any ideas for me about how to make the Sweet Swap better, or explain it to people better? Just as an FYI, the 2012 Sweet Swap is on hold- as the Mayan Calender states that the end of the world will come before Christmas that year, but I guess we could just have the Sweet Swap early that year, just because it is the end of the world doesn't mean we have to waste our treats!


Jodi said...

This sounds like a great idea! Peter and I would love to come. I have been baking my famous (well at least to some in the 'hood) pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I will make a couple of giant loaves to bring with us for all to enjoy. I hope everyone you have invited are able to come because it sounds like a great after Christmas get-together. We're not going anywhere so it would be nice for us to see some friends and have a night without most of the children after a big Christmas day. What more fun could you ask for on such a snowy week? Count us in!

AZSMITHS said...

That's a great idea. I wanted to do something like a cookie exchange this year, but things got too busy. Maybe next year!