Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Morning Break Down

Sometimes all you really need is a good cry.

Ken’s alarm went off this morning at 5:30 and I rolled over, put a pillow over my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately it was at this time that I remembered I had forgotten to put the freezer meals I made yesterday afternoon in the freezer!

I had been so happy while I made the 4 quarts of Hawaiian Chicken. It tasted so good last night when I served it for dinner. I had so lovingly labelled the freezer bags, filled them, and then let them cool a bit more on the counter before placing them in the freezer.............. and then I completely forgot about them.

So I lay there in bed, wondering how it had happened. How had I forgotten about the food. I had just wasted 3 pounds of Chicken! I basically cooked 4 full dinners and 4 lunches for Ken and I then dumped them in the trash. It was at this point that I decided to physically dump them in the trash and move on with my life. So at 5:45 I got up, picked up my ruined food and took it to the trash only to realize, as the empty tin cans fell from the top of the overflowing trashcan, that I had also neglected to take the trash out.

Not only could I not throw away my ruined food, but now I had trash on my kitchen floor. I screamed, “Stupid Trash”, went back to my room and knelt down. Well actually, I threw my body down, my keens hitting the floor and my elbow, sliding along the 350 thread count sheets. “Stupid Sheets!” I got a Sheet Burn on my right elbow, A Sheet Burn!

I began to cry and Ken came over to comfort me. He could sense my horrible mood, ( I guess it really didn’t take much sensing as suddenly everything in the house, including myself, was now being loudly labeled“Stupid”). Prayers were said and hugs were given and I got back in bed to do my morning gospel study, after which I put the pillow back over my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. No luck.

So I got up, washed all my pots and pans. Ken, lovingly, collected all the garbage in the house, including my ruined food, and took it out to the dumpster. I put all my kitchen towels in the wash, sat down on the couch and turned on the news. Ken had, by this point, left for work and there was a little boy sweetly talking to himself in the babies room and I realized that my life was not so horrible.

I will buy more chicken and make more freezer meals for my family, this next batch will just cost $1.10 per serving instead of $0.55, that is still not all that bad. I have learned a lesson- set a timer or some sort of reminder to let me know when my food is cool. Today is going to be much better than it seemed it would be at 5:30. After all it is Friday and I am going shopping, (food shopping, but that is still shopping).

In the Immortal Words of the Bare Naked Ladies, “You know that it’s going to be all right. I think it’s gonna be all right. Everything will always be all right, when we go shopping!”

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angee said...

OH! How crying really does relieve the stress!! But I have to say, Miss Kate, how much I admired your ability to turn to PRAYER FIRST! That's not always the first thing that comes to mind for me. Thanx for the sweet reminder. And I'm glad your day did get better!!