Friday, December 19, 2008

A Friday Update

So as I said in my previous post, I went shopping today. And everything is alright, how could it not be, I now have "Ling Ling Pot stickers" in my Freezer, they will be in my tummy tonight and I will forget all about the ruined food from this morning.
Because of the snow storm expected any minute now, I let Ken take the Outback to work, which left me with the Accord and no car seat. So I asked a Good Friend to come watch the baby. When I got home, she said "He is really walking well with that walker". Surprised I questioned "Walking?" I bought the little fisher price walker to wagon on the day after thanksgiving, it was $10 and I figured it would come in handy, I put it together and he has played with the toys on it, and has pushed it while shuffling along on his knees, but when ever he stood behind it, it would move and he would not.....Timber! I tried not to laugh.
So I asked her to take a video while I unloaded the car, and then I tried to take one. Here is the proof. Baby will be 9 months old tomorrow, yesterday he had his well child check and the doctor said he was cruising, I now agree.

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Christy said...

Well, we already knew he was advanced, but that advanced...