Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We learned that the baby really doesn't care about presents, just the bows on the presents. You can see 3 of his presents off to the right in the picture, a Teddy Bear, a Hippo and a Camel, he played with them after the bow was taken away.
Each year I try to surprise Ken with at least one gift and this year I did it well. Ken was happy and very surprised when he unwrapped the matching Giants hats that I made out of extra fleece from the matching Giants Blankets I made earlier this year. You can't see, but Ken's hat does not have a puff ball on top like the babies.
Don't you think the Giants should hire him as a model? They would sell more tickets if this face was on their billboards! I am sure of it.
Last night the baby played the part of Baby Jesus in the Turner Family Nativity.
Here is a Cast Picture, the youngest 7 of the 9 Turner Grandchildren.
Starting from the left- little A (3 years old), as the Princess Shepherd; Q, aka Obi Wan Quinnobi (5 years old) as Joseph; C (4 years old) as the Angel; E (7 years old) as Mary, Baby J (9 months old) as the baby Jesus; S (5 years old) as the Wise Man and finally little P (21 Months) originally cast as a sheep, she became a shepherd when she refused to put on her sheep hat.
Baby got another hat from Grandma T, cow fleece, and he, C. Gowans and E. Cousineau had a photo op before leaving Grandma's house tonight. Noooooo, that baby is not tired at all. His cousins love him so much.

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