Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Great Jammie Caper of 2008

Ken left for work at 6:30. Before he left he told me that he had checked on the baby at about 6:15 and he was asleep and breathing! I always ask if he is breathing. So anyway, at about 6:32 I heard some coughing and then at about 6:40 I heard the "Clack, Clack, Clack" sound of the crib side when it is being shaken by a standing baby. As he still had 50 minutes to sleep I left the lights off and snuck into his room, hoping I would be able to get him wrapped up and back to sleep. It was too dark in his room and so I had to turn on the front room light.

When I returned to the babies room, this is what I found.
These are the babies Pajamas.........And here is the Baby, not only is he shaking the crib but he is also singing a happy little song.
I laughed, and he smiled, so very proud of himself. He has never taken his clothes off before. So now I am going to add a new question for Ken in the morning.
"Is the baby sleeping?"
"He is Quiet"
"Is he breathing?"
"Yes, I heard him breathing."
"Does he still have his clothes on?........."
Today the answer would be "No".


Jodi said...

Aren't these kinds of surprises wonderful! Just wait until he starts using that dresser to climb out of the crib and greet you himself at six in the morning. Although I'm sure that won't happen for several months yet. ;)

Christy said...

Oh, thank you for sharing Baby's stories. They always make me smile!!!!

angee said...

HAHAHA My kids LOVE to be naked! There are times when we check on her at night, and she is sleeping completely naked with a bare butt in the air! HAHA

We even tried putting her diaper on backwards at night to prevent it, but alas, she has figured how to take that off, too!

Oh! To be a child again!