Monday, September 15, 2008

Olympic Champions!

Our Church had its very own Olympics this weekend. We were Team Wheeler, complete with Fantastic Uniforms! We all participated in the 5k run/walk- for me it was more of a run/walk/run/walk/walk/walk/run/walk. Ken pushed the baby in a running stroller that a kind neighbor let us borrow. I quickly discovered that Ken could catch up with me if I ran ahead of him, but there was no way that I would ever catch him if he got ahead of me, so I imposed the first rule of Team Wheeler- only Kate can run ahead, because she is slow.

As you can see we swept the Medals in our category- (the Wheeler category)
Baby got Gold, I got Silver and Ken got Bronze. Ok, Ok, so we may have bribed some judges, or even more truthfully we may have just purchased the medals for ourselves at a party store. Still it made for great fun.

After the 5k there were many other Olympic type activities, for example; Hula Hooping, Water Balloon Toss and Water Balloon Volleyball, Milk Jug Toss, a Potato Sack Race, face painting and of course a Dunk Tank. I never knew Ken was such an Amazing Dunker! At first he teased our Bishop, saying that he was just going to push the button.

But then he went back to the Line and let one go-

Hitting the Target perfectly

And finally, the Baby enjoyed his first romp in the grass!

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Rachel said...

I love your 5k rule... awesome!