Friday, September 5, 2008

New Soul

My father really enjoyed the song on the Macbook Air ad. He liked it so much that he found it online and had everyone who came to his house listen to it. It was quite catchy, written and preformed by Yael Naim a French/Israeli R&B artist.

Since having the baby I have seen so much of this "New Soul" in him that someday I want to put pictures of him together in a montage with this song in the background. I am not quite that talented, but Ken reminded me this morning that I do know people with just the right talents needed for me to realize my dream of the perfect video.

Someday I hope to share the finished product with you but for now you will have to dream about it, like I do. But here is a little "Dream Seeding" for you, hopefully you see what I see.....
First start the music then scroll through the pictures.

I'm a new soul

I came to this strange world

Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take

But since I came here,

felt the joy

and the fear

Finding myself

making every possible


(I don't have pictures for the next two verses, but you can listen until the end or scroll back up and enjoy the pictures a few more times)
New soul...

In this very strange world...

Every possible mistake

Possible mistake

Every possible mistake

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes...

Now to end, I must say, the baby is the exact opposite of a mistake, but I sure get some good pictures of him learning how to use his brand new body. It must be odd to be a new soul.


Hiccup MeL said...

What a cute idea for a post! I enjoyed the slide show. :)

krisha said...

You did a really good job matching the pics. I think it is a really good idea.