Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Helpful Little Friends

So the Friendly Forest Creatures have yet to show up and help me with my chores. But I have found a partner in Crime. Today the Baby is having one of those "I must be with you at all times and do everything you do" kind of days. Today is also Tuesday- Laundry day and the baby was right there with me when I was changing the loads. I am getting pretty good and changing loads of laundry while holding him, and he really enjoys it too. He thinks we are playing a game, we go up, get laundry out of the washer and then we go down and put it in the Dryer, repeat several times with giggles each time we go down. The only problem is that I cannot get through the door at the top of the stairs while carrying a baby on one hip and a load of laundry on the other.

So, like Millions of tiny helpers before him, the baby takes a ride in the Laundry basket- as you can see, he thoroughly enjoys it.

I have been pretty proud of myself- I finished my chores in the morning yesterday and I am well on my way to being done with the laundry today, no leftover chores for tomorrow! I am still expecting plenty of days and weeks where things don't quite go the way I would like them to, but yesterday and today I have felt like quite the domestic, it is a very nice feeling.

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