Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bambi and the Baby

This Baby is asleep. A few weeks ago I took the bumper out of his crib to inspect it, I thought there might be a spider living in it. There wasn't, but I did put the baby down for a nap in his crib without the bumper that day. He didn't nap, I found him 20 minutes after being put down for his nap lovingly caressing the cribs slats, he had never noticed them before and found them very interesting. In the weeks since that day the baby has learned how to pull down the bumper to find the crib slats, and even more recently he has started caressing and hugging the bumper itself. I told my family about the bumper hugging and my sister C said "He thinks bumper is his Mother". I thought, Yes, he has started to hug me too but I doubt he loves the bumper as much as he loves me. As I went to bed that night I realized that she had just switched Thumper for Bumper, I was pleased with my funny sister, "Ha, He thinks Bumpers is his Mother! Bambi! Ha!" I am pretty sure Ken thought that was an odd comment to make as we got into bed. But Hey, that's me, Odd.

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