Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello-I'm done with my Nap!

The baby should have been taking his morning nap, it wasn't quite time to wake up, but he was making enough noise for me to go in and see if I could help him get back to sleep. I walked in and saw two little eye staring in the direction of the door, then I heard a squeal of Joy and I gave in, 45 minutes was pretty good for a Monday Morning.After all, How do you say no to this proposal?
Translation-"Oh, Mommy, We could have so much fun right now if I could be done with my nap".

The bumper actually came out today during the afternoon nap, I think it was getting to be too much fun to play with, and it had been spit up on. He went right back to sleep after its removal and now he kind of looks like he is in Jail.

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