Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun with Uncle Paul

In Celebration of our Baby Boy’s 6th month of life we took a trip Logan to visit Uncle Paul and Aunt Diane. With Uncle Paul’s help, the baby had Ton’s of Fun.

Here are the Baby’s stats from his 6-month checkup-

Weight- 18 pds. 15 oz. 76th percentile
Height- 27 & 2/3 in. 87th percentile
Head Circum.- 17 in. 30th percentile (still so very humble)

And here are some pictures from our fun filled weekend.
When he should have been sleeping on Friday morning, the baby went exploring in his crib. He found some light coming through the the corner of the crib- the pictures I took with the lights off didn't really come out well, but as you can see, he was very proud to show me his discovery. OK, so we were not actually on a trip yet, but look how cute he is in his size 12 month froggy pajamas!In Logan, the baby learned how to jump on a Trampoline
We went to First Dam and enjoyed the view of the water from a nice little fishing spot.

A tiny little bird let us get very close to it, we don't think it could fly.

The baby discovered that the water at First Dam is quite cold in September

We tried to go the the Farmers Market, but as it turned out the regular location for the farmers market had been magically transformed into the Finish Line of the Top of Utah Marathon. We stayed a while and watched as amazing people crossed the finish line, many of them continued to move under their own power, but we saw quite a few who crossed the finish line only to fall into the arms of volunteers who helped them to a recovery tent. The highlight of the Marathon was the free bottles of Nesquik- Chocolate Milk that were being handed out like Candy! I got to meet one of my favorite people, The Quik Bunny! As you can see, the baby was jealous.


krisha said...

maybe it was really a fake bird

Christy said...

I want froggy pajamas!

AZSMITHS said...

It looks like you had fun. We miss being closer to my parents, especially this time of year! If we were closer then we could visit with you too :)