Monday, September 8, 2008

Between a Toy and a Soft Place

Life isn’t easy, but I think sometimes I make my life harder. For example if I had been a dutiful daughter and learned how to clean a house really well when I was young, I wouldn’t need to make and use my own chore chart now, I made my life a little harder. Thankfully, I can overcome that little problem (and I think I am- it is 9:15 and I am already 90% done with my chore for today). On the other hand there are hard things in life that we didn’t bring upon ourselves and most times cannot fix on our own. The sweet baby has helped me remember these things and come to understand them a little bit more.

Here is how. As you can see from the picture below, the baby is stuck between a toy (the leg of his gym on the left) and a Soft Place (yes, it is another toy- a soft elephant puppet).

Many times recently I have been about the daily business of the house while he played, I would hear the distress signal and come running to find the baby had rolled into some very interesting positions that he didn’t seem to know how to get out of, and I was not quite sure how he got into (I have been telling Ken that we need a night vision camera for his room so we can see how he moves around his bed so well, now I want a camera for all the rooms- I am pretty sure we could win $100,000 on AFV, but Ken is still skeptical). So back to my original thought, the baby made his life a little harder, he didn’t intend to get stuck, he tried to get out of his situation and I have seen him get out of similar situations before, but for some reason, these times he couldn’t and so he called on someone who had power to help him. The baby is teething now. I think we are pretty lucky, I noticed the extreme amount of drool on Saturday night and sure enough when I felt around in his mouth there was a sharp little point. There was a slight rise in fussiness but it was easily attributed to poor napping over the past couple of days. He is such a happy little kid, my Sister C even asked my Dad at Dinner yesterday if I had been as happy a baby as our little boy seems to be, maybe it is genetic. Well as we tried to put him to bed last night our baby gave us a glimpse of what teething is really like.

We have only heard the Pain cry a couple of times, and then we were usually pretty good at figuring out the problem and getting rid of the pain. I have never felt so unprepared in my life, as franticly tried to figure out what I could do to take away his pain. In the end all I could do was give him Tylenol, feed him and Pray, basically I did what the baby does; I called on someone bigger, someone who has the power to help me.

Well, baby didn’t sleep horribly but he did wake up quite a few times. I got him up at 5:20 and let him suck an ice cube- which to my surprise, he loved. He went back to sleep about an hour and a half later and slept for 2 hours or more (the real reason I got my chores done so early today) and now he is my happy little baby again. I sure hope that God does not take pictures of us before he helps us out of the predicaments we get ourselves into, but if he does I hope the pictures of me between a toy and a soft place are as cute as the ones I have shared with you today.

Just to end, I have never felt so inspired and willing to follow the thoughts, impressions and promptings I seem to get, as I have been over the past 5 ½ months. I am pretty sure that this is a side effect of the amount that I am asking God for help. I hope I never forget the things I am learning and always remember that I can call on Him.

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Christy said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all your learning. If Heavenly Father does take pictures of us in our predicaments before he helps us out....I bet they are pretty funny to look at. Of course I'm sure I'm blinking or have red eye or something...