Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We all Work Together

Last Friday I worked at Alta View and Yesterday I worked up at LDS. It was enjoyable, but by the end of the workday yesterday, I missed my baby, and I was TIRED! I worked full time for years, and for much of that time I enjoyed it, granted there were also other times that I didn’t enjoy it that much. I think the arrangement I have now, working when needed, but never more than one day per week, is just about right for me.

I am enjoying my new full time Job very much; I have the best boss ever. He is kind, most of the time, sometimes he screams at me, but hey, he is very particular about the way his employees complete their tasks. What are my tasks? Love, Cuddle, Feed, Love, Cuddle, Bathe, Shower with Kisses, Diaper, Feed, Love, Cuddle, Dress, Love, Feed, Cuddle, Change, Feed, Love, Kisses, Entertain, Cuddle. Everyone has their favorite job, their dream job; some of us even get to do that job all the time. I have found mine. I am not very good at all of it yet. It is a pretty big job. But I love it. The Baby is a good Boss; Ken is an amazing Co-worker and We all Work Together Well!

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