Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things that make me Smile

Flowers! I love them, I especially love them in cute vases. As such, I was very very very happy to find some vases at Ikea that cost 10 cents a piece. They a squiggly and fit together. I bought 9!

Then there are the cute little polka dot vases that they were selling for 79 cents. I only bought 5 of them. They look great with the Mr Potato Head collection, don't they.

Now, another thing that makes me smile is Baby. We have already shared his joy in his new play center, he still loves the lizard. I see A LOT of these dance moves lately.

I must say, I am very glad that we didn't get the walker. Baby doesn't seem too sad that he is not able to move around quite yet. He is pretty happy just to be able to dance.

This is exactly what he looks like while dancing.

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Lisha said...

Look out John Travolta