Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 Month Olds are Smart

5 Months ago our baby boy was born. This is what he looked like at two days old, the day we brought him home. He was so little and had sooooo much hair.

Now my boy is 5 months old. He has been rolling for 6 weeks and is very good at it. He is comfortable on his tummy and yesterday while rolling around on the floor, he planted his feet and lifted his bottom into the air. We think we should start baby proofing the house, because it won't be long until he is scooting and crawling.

Yesterday we bought a High Chair. Thanks to some great advice from Gina we decided to skip the padded comfortable looking chair and get the Ikea high chair. Baby likes it for its sleek European styling. I like it because it is very easy to clean and also because it comes apart and can be stored in a small space, but mostly I like it because it only cost $25. The baby looks very cute in it too.

So, My little 5 month old has started playing a couple of games that I wasn't expecting him to play for a while. The first is "I drop something and you pick it up", This has been going on for a few days, at home it is no problem and I really don't pick up what he drops- but he sure laughs when he sees and hears things hit the ground. Usually toys or empty plastic bowls. But yesterday at Ikea he kept dropping his toy lamb. I would hear the little laugh, look around to see where Lamby was and of course, give it back to baby, a few minutes later I would hear the little laugh again. At one point we lost Lamby, it took 10 minutes of backtracking through the store to find him again. Grandma T. told me I should put a string around the toys that are used in this game, that way if I don't notice that it has been thrown it won't be lost forever.

Another game he has started to play is- "I can feed myself"

He grabs at the spoon, making it very hard to feed him, I gave up for a while and took these pictures. At first he was amazed that I had let go of the spoon and he admired his prize. Then he started chewing on the spoon. I figure if he could talk, he would be saying,"See, I do it myself"

Something else that has surprised me about my 5 month old is that he is a lot less sleepy. For the past few months I have put him down for a nap within an hour and a half of him waking up from the previous nap. Most of the time he went to sleep easily and would sleep for at least 45 minutes but sometimes up to 3 hours. He has started to tell me No to these frequent naps and he is not cranky and tired so I figure he just doesn't need them. I am hoping that we have hit the period where we start the Morning, Noon and maybe Afternoon nap cycle, I just have to figure out when those optimum nap times are. Any Ideas?

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Rachel said...

I found a great book (okay, my sis-in-law found it and passed the tip on to me) called Good Night, Sleep Tight. We didn't have major sleeping issues, but I found it extremely helpful for figuring out a napping schedule based on baby's age. It also gives you tips on how to transition from 3 naps to 2 to 1 and how to tell when they're ready. For those 2 areas alone, it was worth the purchase for me. Good luck!!