Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine Cookie Bouquet

I forgot to take a picture of the completed bouquet- but I think I did pretty good for a first attempt. All in all I made 8 cookies- 4 of which were usable. 6 would have been usable but when I was changing B's diaper J decided to pull the sticks out of 2 of the cookies. I forgave him.....and a few days later I ate those ruined cookies :)

So I am not to sure of myself when it comes to frosting things- and I only had once chance to get this bouquet right so I decided to try sticking skittles (which I had in the cupboard) into a frosting that would harden. IT worked out quite well.

This one looks just like my kids!
We delivered the bouquet to Ken's work. Ken had seen a message about dropping something off at his work, so I was trying to trick him into thinking that the boys and I visiting was his surprise. I asked the receptionist for his company to take the bouquet up to his desk at the same time that Ken was on his way down to the front desk to get his surprise. And my little plan worked a little too well. J escaped while I was talking to the receptionist and made his way into the office of Corporate Events. They asked him who his Daddy was and then they called Ken and let him know his child was in their office. We discovered this just in time and I screamed to the receptionist that Ken was already on his way down. And just in time she was able to get the bouquet whisked away, it's secret was safe. Ken found J (still in the Corporate Events Office)- who had a sign that said "Hug Me" and then B toddled up to him with a sign that said "Kiss Me" and I had a sign that said "Be Mine" One of the Corporate Events employees said she wished she had a wife- she was very impressed with our signs. She didn't see the Bouquet! So Now I need to practice making and frosting cookies for bouquets. I will post more pictures of my next creations.

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