Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The rest of the Month

All in all, February was a good month around our house. 

the boys played hard and slept hard.

We practiced exhaling under water

And we just plain had fun

My little baby wore underpants (over his diaper) and I learned that underpants make little babies seem way too old.
Baby B thought he hit the jackpot when he knocked over the recycling bin.....then he was sad when he realized the box of graham crackers was empty.

We got a little more handsome every day
Mom's car needed to be inspected and registered and so we got a new windshield- J was in heaven watching the nice man replace it. 

Little Baby B learned how to use spoons, and he did pretty well as long as he was eating very very thick things.

J took pictures of his Mom....

......and his Dad

J also thought it would be fun to paint his nails during quiet time, He is quite the artist.

And Baby B figured out how to blink right when the camera takes pictures.
That, in all it's glory, was our February.

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