Sunday, February 19, 2012

12 Years ago last week....

It's been 12 years since I returned home from Croatia. I loved my time there, I love the people there, I hope to someday return and bring my family with me. I think this song expresses well some of my  feelings and memories of my mission. The feeling of belonging in Croatia, the feeling of having the people and the land creep into my heart and become a part of me. 

This is the Star in Karlovac. I lived in Karlovac for about 12 months of the 16 months that I lived in Croatia and for the majority of that time I lived in an apartment that was about a block away from this part of the city. I love this city. I want to walk around in the park that surrounds the star (it is sunken- pretty sure it used to be a moat). I want to take them into the little dessert shops and cafes. I want to walk with them down the streets where I left little bits of my heart.

Svacicev Trg (each of the c's in there is actually ch sound), I attended church meetings at Svacicev Trg 3/1 when I lived in Zagreb. I think I spent an hour or two total in the park across the street from the church. I would like to spend some time there with my family.

But more than visiting and showing my family the places that I remember, the places that I love. I want to meet the people, because I loved them most of all. Here are just a couple- Bobi and Biba Saric (sharich). I hope they- and everyone else that I had the blessing of knowing (really all of you) know how much I truly do love them, and miss them, and hope the best for them.

Someday, someday I will return and bring my Love and my Babies to meet you and love you too. And when we are all together again, we will SING!

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