Tuesday, February 28, 2012

J's Swim Lessons

Every Tuesday and Thursday in February J and I made our way down to the American Fork Fitness Center and J had his very first swim lessons. I put him in the lowest level possible, Pre Level 1. The explanation of each level said this was perfect for 3 year old children and as J doesn't turn 4 until next month AND because he seems to have fear of getting his hair wet, I figured this would be the most appropriate class for him. I am 100% sure now that I was right. Today was the last day of class and my little J passed, with flying colors. Basically, he learned that he can blow bubbles in the water if he exhales below water. He learned how to float on his stomach and his back- with assistance.

 He learned that we use are arms and our legs when we swim and practices kicking and several arm movements. He learned that it is fun to jump into the water when there is an adult there ready to catch you. AND he learned that you can hold on to the side of the pool and that lifeguards aren't scary.

So now he can move on to Pre Level 2! Next week Baby B and I have a Mommy and Me swim class. I am hoping that starting B early will help him avoid the fear of putting my head below water that J still seems to struggle with. I am also hoping that neither of the boys suffer from the inability to move their limbs in appropriate ways while in the water, but watching J try to mimic his teachers arm movements today kind of leads me to believe that flailing arms is a family trait. :) Well Done J! He told me today on his way to class that he wants to be a "Diver Guy" I told him that was a wonderful goal- but I didn't tell him that Diver Guys have to put their heads under the water. :)

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