Friday, May 27, 2011

When the cousins come to town.....

When cousins come to town...... we show off all our tricks- Baby B has been practicing this one, secretly, for a while now. I now have to admit that I recently found the baby face down on the floor, while still buckled into this chair- I blamed J for pushing his brother over....oops, looks like he figured out how to push himself over. He (Baby B) is pretty happy with himself.
When the cousins come to town.....we have Big Dinners! Ken likes to take pictures of us eating, I decided I would post one- Adults are outnumbered by children quite often when the Cousins come to town. Do you like my Bib-I figured, Spaghetti + White Shirt= Kate needs a Bib/Apron.
When the cousins come to town......we copy their hair styles. We had the Tim and Liz Wheeler family here this week with their children, two girls, S and W and one boy Sp. This morning J was watching W get her hair done, she wanted piggy tails, and so did J, so I gave him some.
Aren't those the cutest little piggy tails you have ever seen on J?
J also gave into some positive peer pressure, as far as potty training goes, with all these kids around who DON'T wear diapers, J actually asked to go potty several times, and DID and he also wore underpants for a while- something he hasn't wanted to do in weeks. YEAH!

We hope the our cousins come back and visit again.

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