Friday, May 20, 2011

Secret Identities

I put baby B down in front of the mirror this morning while I got his brother changed and ready for the day. I have been introducing him to his mirror friend for a couple of months now, but this was the first time they were ever left alone together. They had a great conversation. I think they like each other.
Then there is J, he secretly wants to wear diapers FOREVER. I tell you, I am ready for him to be potty trained. He acts like he is ready and he even humors me sometimes, but most of the time he just tells me when he needs to be changed. He even climbs up onto the changing table and waits. He looks pretty GQ, while waiting too, I think. Arms behind his head, ankle resting against his knee.....
Then there is me. On Sunday J announced "Daddy, You Fireman!" Ken asked if he, Daddy, was also a Super Hero. "No, Daddy Fireman" I asked if I was a Super Hero and to my surprise J said that I was. I also discovered that I could fly. Who Knew!

So while we were on our trip in Idaho, Ken and I made some goals to help us get our basement more organized and this week we worked on the things we have stored in our guest room. I found my Croatian Flag, I decided I wanted to find a way to use it, so I brought it upstairs. The next morning J found the folded flag. He picked it up and turned to me and said "Mama, what dis?" then the flag unfurled and J gasped and said "You a Super Hero! Dis yo Super Hero Tape!" Later in the day he wanted me to wear my "Tape"-p.s. J dressed himself that day- and I had just finished my workout. I must admit, it is a pretty great cape. Though I don't plan to use it as a cape, I am thinking maybe I will fly it out front on days special to Croatia.... Lijepa Hrvatska! I am also thinking we need a French flag and of course an American one too! But back to my Super Hero Status.
So, if my super power is being a great Mom, then what should my Secret Identity be?

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