Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Turner Girls

On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, my father wandered around his house and quietly talked to each on of his daughters. Looking over his shoulder to make sure our mother wasn't nearby he asked "Would you come to our Church on Mothers Day?". We all said yes and we were all sworn to secrecy. My little sister Wendy came up with a great idea- we would all get there 15 minutes early and create a little daughter "nest" for my Mom, so she would be surrounded by her progeny. Well, we are not very good at arriving early, so rather than Mom walking in and seeing all of us, most of us walked in one by one after she was already there. But I am pretty sure she still knew how much we love her. Even Grandma Turner came!
Here we are, Me, Jenette, Carrie, Laurie, Grandma T, Mom, Abby and Wendy. Aren't we pretty?! It was a great Mothers Day!

Ken and I attended part of the Sunday meetings for our local congregation before heading up to my parents. We were all prepared, we had our lunch packed with ice packs, we had food for the boys and we even had extra play clothes for after church. We didn't anticipate J's diaper giving out- completely- on the 17 mile drive from our church to my parent's church. But it did. Never fear, it is okay for a kid to wear jeans to church sometimes, it is more important that we were there than us looking perfect right? So I grabbed the jeans for J out of the diaper bag and he and I headed off for a quick change of clothes.......it wasn't to long before I realized that instead of being 3T pants I was holding 18 Month pants.
Good thing J is skinny, he fit perfectly- width wise- into those 18 month jeans, lengthwise it was a different story. But he was still pretty cute. He even went to the Nursery class at Grandma's church and made a Mothers Day gift! It is a flower (or grass) in a cup. It is growing! I am so excited to see exactly what it is.

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