Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wendy's Wedding

This last Saturday my my little Sister got married. She has never really been one to make what I would call "Adult Choices", she has preferred to live life Her way, whether society or her family liked it or not. A decade ago no one would have ever thought this day would come, well maybe no one but my Mother. My Mom has A LOT of faith!

Here she is, I made her get her hair done- I think it was a good move. Abby made her sit still long enough to give her a pretty good manicure and pedicure (I could use one of those too Abby, if you ever feel like practicing) Her Mother in Law made her dress....oh, and did I mention that they got engaged only 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding? yeah. It was quick, but it was great. So here she is, all ready, and waiting for the big moment- we brought Mom in to see her, there were tears.

The Happy Couple, Wendy and Ben.

Al and Bill's big happy family. (see my purple dress....I love it!)
We had originally planned to go up to Idaho this weekend, for a baby blessing, and so Ken had a few extra days off. I thought that Monday would be a great day to have Family Pictures taken, but Ken told me that he thought it would be more fun to go to Big O and get some new tires for his Honda...... Luckily Abby was willing to take some pictures of us after the wedding, she is so talented.

I like this one of my sweetie a lot! Man, he is Good Looking!

So, Back to Wendy. I am proud of her. She goes about life in a different way than I do, but over the past few months she has really grown up- (good thing too, after all she will be 28 soon)- I hope that she finds as much joy, happiness and love in her marriage and family as I have been blessed to find in mine.


angee said...

LOVE your dress!!! You look gorgeous in those pictures!! I hope you enlarge them and frame them.

Mich said...

Your pictures are so cute! You look great and I love your hair!!

Alicia said...

You look fantastic darling and I am also very happy for Wendy!