Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little things mean a lot....

And hopefully they don't cost a lot either.

A few weeks ago my Sister and Brother in Law gave me this cute little sign as a gift.
They know me pretty well. It was that same Sister in Law who was with me yesterday as I shopped for a dress for my little sisters wedding. We found the perfect dress. I love it. I was talking about it with some friends today and told them that if I was on "What Not To Wear" that dress would be the one I modeled for Stacey and Clinton at the end, and they would point out how it highlighted my thin waist and flared at just the right spot to hide my not so tiny parts. It is PERFECT- but what makes it even more perfect(...even more perfect than the fact that it was 50% off...) is that I thought "Oh, lets go see what clearance shoes look like".

And THIS is what they looked like....
They are at my house right now- $50 shoes- 75% off- that is right they came home with me for just over $13! They are a perfect fit for the perfect dress!

Is my life changed? Yes, Really, Because these shoes make me feel Pretty! With their cute little bows, peep toes and the cut out on the side that highlights my STUNNING arches (that is right- I think my feet are one of the cutest parts of my body) they make me feel girly (girlie? I have never tried to spell that word, if it is a word, oh well), and they make me feel wonderful. With them on I am near 6 feet tall which makes me feel Powerful!

I'll post some pictures of the whole wonderful outfit after the wedding. But now I must go break in the shoes!


Rachel said...

Sassy! Who doesn't love a great new pair of shoes and for $13??? Hello! Can't wait to see the whole outfit in action! Oh, and where do you find such a dress? I could use a little somethin' somethin' to hide my not so little parts. :)

angee said...

LOVE them!!! And this is coming from a shoe fanatic!!!

I can't wait for the final "reveal!"