Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A few months ago I showed you some video of Baby J playing the piano and now I want to show you his more recent talent.....Conducting! I think one of the cutest parts of the whole thing is that he likes to hold a book when he conducts music and just like with the piano, every few seconds he will change pages and start a new song.
He started doing this just this week. I had no idea that they taught the nursery kids how to lead music, but they must. Baby J has always loved music, singing songs calmed him down as an infant, on our first major car trip we discovered that he didn't want to hear us talking, preferring to hear what was on the radio. He does the little bouncy dance that most kids his age seem to know. Our Neighbor is the Ward Nursery Leader and she also leads singing time for the 3 or 4 nursery classes we have. On Sunday she told us that not only did Baby J participate in singing time but he clapped after every song!


Janaca said...

That's so precious! What a cutie.

angee said...


Christy said...

He even sang a little while conducting that last one! Watch out Mack Wilberg.