Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Bits of a Family Room

A few months ago I told you about my desire to create a Family Room downstairs. I had planned to build-in an Entertainment Center, because we needed storage for 400+ DVD. I designed the entertainment center, and had even gone so far as to draw out each tiny piece of it to see how many pieces of plywood we would need to buy. My Father was going to help me build it, and he had some questions about my design- basically he thought is was a little too deep- it was 26 inches deep- and he asked me to go look at Entertainment Centers one more time and decide if I wanted to make it a little less deep.

So the next day we went to RC Willey, just too look, and measure, and well, we saw something we liked. They had a deal going on that if you bought a specific type of TV Console, you got a free matching media cabinet. I liked a couple of the styles, and with the use of a few DVD's and a measuring tape we figured out that, if we bought a second cabinet, we would have room for all our DVD's with room to spare. So here it is. What do you think? It is has Mission Style details, I really like Mission Styling.
The space in the family room that I was going to build the entertainment center is 10 feet wide. The console is 5 feet wide and it and the two cabinets fit perfectly in the space. I was really glad we found it, because I didn't think I was ever going to get started, let alone finished with building one. So now, the next thing to do is buy some Furniture! I had originally picked out a European Style Futon Couch ( much nicer looking than the College Style) but I saw the one I picked out on line and sat on it, and it was not comfortable at all. And so I decided that we would go a different direction with the furniture. When I was finalizing the purchase of the TV Console I found a couch set that I LOVE! Then I was at Christy's house and realized that she has the same Couches, she said they wouldn't be offended if we had them too. But now I think we may need to look around some more. I asked the Men who delivered these items how easy or hard it would be to get a couch down into our basement. "Pretty Hard" was the answer, they gave me several ideas of what kinds of couches/sectionals would be easiest and so I will google those items and see if there is anything I like. Be sure that I will post about it when we do finally have our Family Room Finished- Oh, I can't wait!


Janaca said...

Looks good! I like the mission style too.

Christy said...

Feel free to come over and borrow one of our couches to see if you can get it down your basement. :-)

Rachel said...

Great choice! I'm so, so jealous that you got to buy new furniture....sigh.