Friday, September 11, 2009

The Next Steps

Last Saturday I talked Ken into going furniture shopping. I had a sofa set that I really liked and it just happened to be on sale at Ashley Furniture for $225 less than RC Willey was selling it for. (So glad I decided not to buy it two weeks earlier). We went to Furniture Warehouse (on Road Redwood) where we found this Chair. Baby J said it was TOO BIG.

Then we went to Granite Furniture where we found this chair, Baby J said it was TOO HARD

When we went inside Granite furniture we found the same sofa set, the one I like. We sat down and were quickly noticed by a sales man. We told him we were looking for furniture for our basement, and unfortunately we had been told by previous Furniture Delivery People that our stairs would be horribly hard to fit a couch down, and after finding info on the Internet that confirmed the Delivery Man's statements we had decided we wanted to get two Love Seats.

He told us very quickly that the Delivery Man was wrong and he found us another salesman and former Delivery Person who listened to our woes, heard the measurements of our stairs and all about the landing/turn at the bottom. He agreed with the First Salesman. They PROMISED that a couch would fit down our stairs, and back up again someday. Their price was $50 cheaper than RC Willey, still not as good as Ashley's Price. We thanked them for their help and headed over to RC Willey to see if they had reduced their prices any farther for their Big Labor Day Sale.

They had not put that set on sale. Bummer, now we would have to drive all the way into Salt Lake and go to Ashley. I told the Salesman at RC Willey that Ashley Furniture had these couches on sale for $555 instead of $780, he told me that if it could be confirmed that they were the same couch RC Willey would price match. Well the Model numbers didn't match. And after Baby J ate some Styrofoam fruit off of a Centerpiece we left the store.

We didn't have time to go up to Ashley Furniture that night, BUT, I wondered if Granite Furniture would price matched. When we were there they had pointed out that the couches were made for them by Ashley, so I had a really good chance that they were the same Model. And as Granite and RC Willey are only 1 block apart, Ken agreed to drive back over (the BYU Game was on and so he and Baby J stayed in the car).

The answer was yes. They would Price Match, in fact they had the Ashley add right on their desk and sure enough they were the exact same Sofa's. What's better- Delivery was only $30 (not really sure but we suspect Ashley's delivery fee is higher) and the Scotch Gard was $40 cheaper than RC Willey and their "Fabric Protection Program" covers not only stains but also Rips, Tears and Punctures for 5 Years! Baby J said it was "Just Right!"
I bought them, on the spot. I had enough money (because it was $200-250 less than my expectations from two weeks before). They were delivered on Wednesday and sure enough, the Sofa easily fit down the stairs. (I watched so I know how to get it back up when we move, whenever that is)
Here are the new additions.
The Treadmill fits nicely next to the love seat, though it is facing away from the TV, so my dreams of being able to run while watching chick flicks is kind of squashed- for now.

I haven't found a spot to store the Ping Pong Table. I have been telling Ken that we can move the couches aside and play Ping Pong. I hope I haven't lied. I have a feeling that once we clean the clutter out of the unfinished bedroom and bathroom down in the basement, the ping pong table will spend most of its time in there.

But this next picture is one I am very proud of. A place has been found for TOYS!!! Some of the shelves that used to hold DVD's will now hold books and toys and they fit perfectly in the 4 x4 foot area next to the Sofa and Love Seat. I know that the toys will not always stay neatly in this area, but I am happy that they have an out of the way place. When they were in the front room they were stored right in the middle of the room......Oh, I love my Family Room.


Shanna said...

Those are some nice couches! So cute! I thought it was weird that they told you that it wasn't possible to get a couch down there. So glad they were wrong. Yay for Family Rooms!! It looks GREAT!!!

Rachel said...

Too beautiful for words, my dear. And I love your story of the hunt, particularly the styrofoam fruit part. Nice job with the bargain shopping! BTW, how's the job going?

pdwheeler said...

It looks like it is easier down your steps than our. Most of our furniture downstairs is able to be disasembled. We do have some pieces that will definitely stay with the house if we ever move.