Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off we go!

We are taking a trip! Going to a Family Reunion. Driving west for 800 miles and 11 hours and spending 4 days with the Wheelers then turning around and driving east for 11 more hours and 800 more miles. All in all we will be away from home for 6 days.

To this date- the baby has spent one night away from home and the longest and farthest he has ridden in the car is 2 ½ hours and 150 miles.

We have been practicing for the past week. The Baby has been fed a few bottles while strapped into his car seat. He has also been sleeping in his pack n’ play for naps and at night, he even wakes up happy! Just in case the first picture wasn't enough proof of the happiness. There are a few things that we just couldn’t practice. Like living in a cabin with 17 children, 16 years old and younger, but mostly younger. How do you practice that?

So, this will probably be our last post for a week, but be prepared we will have plenty to share when we get back!

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Lisha said...

He looks so much like both of you.